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User Support Service

How researchers benefit from HKHLR:


Online surveys: With our yearly surveys, we are asserting user demands for support, training, and hardware infrastructure. Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of the cluster usage of the Hessian high performance computers helps to detect free resources in case of your urgent demands. Futhermore, deficient usage of hardware can be detected and matching support can be offered. 

Basic User Support

Introductory courses: New users of the Hessian HPC clusters receive information about general access, available hardware and usage, and can discuss their special demands with experts from the local systems. Quick reference cards: HKHLR collect and publish most important commands and information about the Hessian clusters. Ticket system: By the local ticket systems of the clusters, you can directly receive help for HPC relevant questions by the staff member of HKHLR.

Performance Tuning and Analysis

Software Tools: With the funding of the HMWK, we organize the availabilty of the performance analysing tool Vampir and the debugger Totalview. Advanced user support: Our staff members help to analyze the tune your parallelized codes. Trainings: Local trainings empower your in the use of of analyzing tools. 

HPC competence

Workshops: With the workshop series HiPerCH (High Performance Computing in Hessen), we offer trainings and lectures for beginners and advanced users of high performance computing. Personal user support: Our staff members for example can help you by questions about which hardware is matching to your research.


HiPerCH: Joining our workshops has the side effect to enlarge your network to researchers using high performance computers - over the boarders of your discipline and university. Special software user meetings: On demand, HKHLR can help to organize a user meeting for your HPC software. Network of HKHLR staff and adminstors of the cluster: Exchange of experience result in improvement of service for users.